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Herbs That Heal a full herb resource site, herbal medicine healing, including how to make home remedies, purchasing herbal remedies and which herbs heal which ailments.  Don't forget to visit our on staff herbologist and author of Healing Herbs For The Mind Body and Soul.  Sherry will be happy to answer all your questions.

herbs that healThousands of years ago people used herbs but did not understand how or why they worked.  They just knew it worked.  When Aloe was used to soothe burns they did not know the plant contained allatoin allowing burns to heal faster.  When Licorice was used for arthritis they did not know it contained Sappiness that are similar to steroid hormones.  When Garlic was used as a preventative they were not aware it contained volatile oils that fight infection. 

Since times gone by, a lot of research has been conducted, but even still we rely heavily on folklore.  Believe me when I tell you that herbal remedies are very much alive and often in disguise in over the counter drugs.  Visit your local drugstore and check out some of the product labels.  Hundreds of non-prescription drugs, from cough remedies to laxatives, contain plant substances.  As well, about one quarter of all prescription drugs still contain active ingredients derived from herbs.

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